In this fast changing consumer market, marketers have always felt the need to understand insights in real time. Velocity is born out of the conviction to provide insights and meaningful research quickly from all parts of the world and all walks of life.

Research ranging from simple measurements, like counting the number of customers who buy a specific product, to more complex questions, like reasons for referring the same product to friends/families and thereby acting as influencers – Velocity helps monitor, explain, predict and measure all such decisions by consumers. The integration of technology imparts speed, thereby giving a common denominator of ‘Quick turnaround time’ to all our services.

Our young & dynamic team with global experience helps brands to decipher the hidden meaning of every action by its consumers. Sometime, mere quantification is not enough to understand the reasons behind consumers’ decisions. We help brands read the sub-conscious minds of consumers and thereby take decisions that propel their business and outsmart the competition. Be it strategy, tactical moves, or leveraging strengths or presence or distribution – our compass correctly points out to the most effective business decision for any brand.

Our team’s experience in plethora of sectors, like E-commerce, Finance, Automobiles, FMCG et al, best serves as the testimony to our proposition that, “You name the sectors and we have success stories to share”.



Advertising is a huge investment. Paying money to make an ad, and then paying more to air them is just one facet of the investment. What about the investment of your faith in the ad to deliver the brand image?

Tracking studies can be as little or as much as you want it to be. ‘As little’ doesn’t mean less value … it means being more specific in addressing business issues. And ‘As much’ shouldn’t mean that you nag your customers so much for input that you leave little room for insight.

Done right, market segmentation should let you engage with your customers in more meaningful ways. But customers won’t buy your products or services just because they belong to a segment.

A CSAT is as much a tool for exceeding customer expectations, as it is a warning mechanism of a potential problem that can affect revenues. Unhappy customers won’t complain. But they’ll also leave you, never to come back.

That qualitative research is subjective and is a given … what is not a given is that it can also have a structured approach. Analyzing verbatims and making fancy PowerPoint charts makes it too mechanical … whereas the potential is to peep into the psyche of the customer.

Data driven marketing decisions are the latest buzz words. And the enthusiasm can lead to a data deluge. Instead of unearthing meaningful insights, it often overwhelms us with sheers numbers.

Price often play a highly emotional role in the customer’s buying decision. Rather than just measuring their willingness to buy at certain price points … the need is to understand the who / what / why / where / when behind the customer’s pricing decision.

Qualitative or Quantitative … Online or Offline … Exploratory or Confirmatory … Ethnography or Phenomenological … Audits or Interviews … these need not be mutually exclusive tools or methodologies for research. A clarity of purpose, and not rigid practices, is required to tell a success story.

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We live in a world, wherein businesses need to be pro-active and tweak/change strategies overnight, or else their pie would switch plates to get served in the competitor’s plate. This demands insights to be delivered in a quick time. The time has come when we need to transcend through the traditional approaches and integrate technology in our methodologies that provides speed and accuracy. Velocity provides that edge to your business and helps understand the views of your target in real time.

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