Understanding Ad/Campaign effectiveness with Velocity MR, IPL 2019 – Brand Building

Understanding Ad/Campaign effectiveness with Velocity MR, IPL 2019 – Brand Building

Advertisements are a great means to attract the end consumers of products & related services. The more effective your ad/campaign is, the greater the impact it will have on your overall business. However, it is much harder than it sounds & further requires a lot of efforts, time & money. Over and above this, the big question is: How do you know if your ads/campaigns are effective?

Many will judge their campaign effectiveness looking at the sales figure in conjunction with GRPs. But along with this, there are various other aspects which need to be measured to gauge the success rate. As an example, a better way to gauge the effectiveness of an ad campaign would be to see how much ‘engagement’ you are getting. Implying, how much lasting impact & interacting content your campaign has portrayed. A number of questions come into the picture while understanding an ad/campaign effectiveness.

–    How much has your ad resonated with your audience?

–    What are the after-actions taken by the viewers after watching your ad?

–    Whether your ad/activity/brand is recalled spontaneously?

–    Is your ROI from ad/campaign investment justifiable?

And many more.

If you’re running an ad/marketing campaigns covering Indian Premier League 2019 and wish to understand overall in-market effectiveness of your initiatives, we have got you covered!! This IPL season, Velocity MR will be helping the brands in measuring how well they are accomplishing the advertising goals across video, audio, and text-based advertisements on any platform or device.

1. Gauge your coverage throughout IPL

Whether you are running a campaign for 2 weeks or 5 weeks or all the IPL weeks, our study will help you to assess the impact of your ads on consumer’s mind throughout the series. This way, while monitoring & analyzing your ads, you will have a chance to dig in and observe how things are performing. You can further take a call on whether to tweak your creative a bit or leave it as it is.

2. Track the ROI of your investment

With Velocity MR’s, IPL 2019 – The Ground for Brand Building study, you’ll start to see how the investment you put in IPL generates enough ROI in terms of message impact and brand parameters. When you learn about the components that altogether make your brand a hit among the audience (be it a tagline, celebrity face, storyline, etc.), you will be in a position to spend money on these components more wisely next time.

3. Keep an eye on the competitors’ campaigns

Identifying and monitoring your competitor is a way with which one can come up with strategies to increase reach & visibility. Whether the audience can build a connection with their ad? Does the audience find the competitor’s ad relevant? These are a few questions to start with. We, with this study, can help you in gauging the same.

4.Assessing before and after IPL

Our study aims to help the brands in gauging the key Brand measures for Pre and During IPL phase. This will give you a comparative analysis of your performance in terms of Brand’s likeability, relevance, uniqueness, etc.

Contact us for a better understanding of Velocity MR’s, IPL 2019 – The Ground for Brand Building study. Our mailing address is: response@velocitymr.com

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