ICC World Cup 2019 Ad Effectiveness Study

World Cup is here to dominate the sports arena, is your brand ready to do the same and capture the viewers' attention?

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Key trends & Highlights of ICC WC 11 & 2015

The Advertising Industry Snapshot During ICC World Cups

Why Velocity MR for ICC World Cup 2019 Ad Effectiveness Study?

Unique and unmatched capabilities in running the ad testing studies.
Technological integration in the research process.
Staggering 6.4 Mn registered panelists in India.
In-house capabilities to have a focused & dedicated approach.
Global Reach that brings eclectic perspectives.
Panels across geographies.
Discover Insights with speed and accuracy.

Solutions crafted to understand Ad effectiveness and its impact during the Tournament

Campaign Resonance

ROI tracking of campaign investment

Comparative Analysis amongst seen

Inclination towards repeated viewing

Spontaneous brand recall


Spontaneous brand recall

Respondent segmentation

Aided brand recall

Persuasion Tests

Ad Diagnosis

This ICC WC 2019 Ad Effectiveness Study Will Help You Understand:

Research Methodology

Interviewing Methodology – The respondents will be administered to 15-20 minutes of Web-Assisted

Personal Interviews (WAPI) (For Metros)

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