IPL 2020 – The Ground for Brand Building Study old

The Ultimate Playground of
Cricket is almost here!

Are you as a Brand prepared to take advantage of it?

Is your Ad Campaign going to turn heads this year?

Most importantly, are you ready to invest where it counts?

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Some of the questions that our Study will give answers to:

How many respondents have watched your ad/campaign?
Is your ad/campaign tailored for the right audience?
How well are your competitors’ campaigns performing?
Are you targeting the right cities based on the team you are sponsoring?
Who are your more frequent viewers of the IPL matches?
How many respondents can recall your brand during IPL?
Which is the most beneficial spot for your brand on a player’s jersey?
What is the impact of your brand Ad on viewer’s mind?
Is your ad one among the most recalled ads during IPL?
Which media campaigns have and will work well for your brand recall?
Are your ads/campaigns tailored for the right audience?
Whether your ad is among the top spontaneously recalled ads?
Whether your ad is among the most recalled ads during IPL?
What is the impact of your brand ad had on viewers’ mind?
What are the after-actions taken by the viewers after watching your ads?
What is the share of viewership across the sources?
What is the impact of your campaign/ad on brand consideration & perception?

Some of the questions our study will answer are as follows:

Why Velocity MR for IPL 2019 – The Ground for Brand Building Study

Unique and unmatched capabilities in running the ad testing studies.

Technological integration in the research process.

Staggering 6.4 Mn registered panelists in India.

In-house capabilities to have a focused & dedicated approach.

Global Reach that brings eclectic perspectives.

Panels across geographies.

Discover Insights with speed and accuracy.

IPL at a Glance

A battleground where not just cricket franchises go into the tussle but brands get into the aggressive mode as well

IPL network reached 302.8 million viewers including both Indian Urban and Rural homes with an average viewership of 17 live matches.
Average time spent watching IPL matches has shown an upward trend; from an average of 28 minutes in 2016 to 34 minutes in 2018.
The brand value of IPL has almost doubled in 4 years, with $3.3 bn in 2014 to $6.3 bn in 2018.
Advertising revenue for IPL 2019 is expected to be worth ₹2000+ crores which is easily 15% more than that of IPL 2018.
IPL 2018 saw participation from 247 brands compared to 135 that participated in 2017.

Our Solutions Crafted to Understand the Ad Effectiveness & Ad Impact during IPL

Cities to be covered during IPL phase are

Research Methodology

Quantitative online surveys: 15-20 minutes online survey will be administered to online panelists of Markelytics.
The study will be conducted on weekly tracker basis

Analysis Variables

Standard Subscription (2 weeks) – Cities level, SEC and Gender (EXCEL)
During IPL Subscription – A detailed PowerPoint presentation will be shared

Quick Facts about our IPL 2019 Study

The study would cover all IPL weeks so that you can track the effectiveness of your campaign along with pre-IPL Phase to understand your brand salience.
Avail the kind of subscription best suited to you – Standard subscription of two weeks during phase subscription
Reach out now, and we shall share the approach, methodology & the investment details.
Subscribe to our study for the weekly track of your IPL campaigns at a competitive price.

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