Analyzing the market potential, consumer behavior and need gaps in the beauty clinic sector

The improved quality of life in India has instantly boosted personal care, to the point that estimated growth for the 2018-2023 period before the Covid-19 pandemic was 9.7%.*

Presently, the idea of beauty, grooming, and self-care has become essential, consumers are growing to be more specific towards choosing a salon or service.

The beauty industry has evolved many folds opening the gates for innovation and advancement in the treatments the market has to Offer. Consumers are more aware of their skin and hair care concerns thereby making informed decisions on opting for treatments too, this has led to cut-throat competition in the market.

It is critical for any salon or clinic to assess the perceptions, usage habits, attitudes, expectations, and competitions before the launch and heavy investment. The key challenge here is finding both men and women interested in taking up these advanced services and are ready to pay a fee slightly higher than the average.

In this case study, you will know how an upcoming niche unisex skincare clinic/beauty salon gauged the market and gets impactful insights from Velocity MR to proceed in their business.

To see the insights, download our case study.

*as per  a recent report

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