Assessing Consumer Needs for RO Water Purifiers

When we think about a few decades ago, the concept of 'purified water' would have probably sounded alien to us. Consumers barely had any knowledge about the importance of drinking pure water that is free from unwanted minerals and chemicals. For most, boiled water was the purest form of water out there. But as technology progressed, so did the method of purifying water. RO water or Reverse Osmosis water as we call it, is the water obtained after a purification process that removes impurities such as ions, unwanted molecules and particles from it. Unlike before, consumers are aware of this process of purification and different types of purifiers that they can use at home.

To understand the needs of the consumer who owns or intends to own a RO water purifier, we conducted a study on behalf of a renowned player in the market. Through the study we noticed that the majority of the respondents use multi-stage water purifiers with RO technology.

In this study, we cover crucial areas such as

  1. Consumers preference of RO purifiers at home
  2. Purchase behavior of the consumers
  3. Drivers of choice before the purchase of a RO water purifier

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