Consumers’ Perspective on Automobile Technology

The world is evolving technologically and along with the world, consumers are changing every day too. Consumers today are nothing like who they were a decade ago. They know what they need, want, and desire. They know exactly what they are looking for in a product while buying it. They are well-informed. However, with so many products and services out there, consumers tend to sway a little before making a purchase decision. Understanding their opinions and attitude towards a particular product is imperative for any brand.

We conducted a study on behalf of our client who aims to learn about the opinions and attitudes of the car owners and car purchase intenders in India. Through the study, we find that according to the consumers the most useful features in a car is navigational and safety features. They especially find live traffic information while traveling (70%) and a car alert system (72%) to be useful in a car.

This study was a full-service study which was conducted in major metro cities Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, and Hyderabad with a sample size of 1,250 respondents who are car owners and car purchase intenders.

In this study, we cover crucial areas such as

  1. Understanding the pain points of the consumers before making a car purchase.
  2. Behavioral and attitude analysis of the car owners and purchase intenders
  3. Consumer awareness and usage of automobile technology
  4. Consumer trends in automobile technology

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