Assessment of Indian Higher Education Market Opportunities

The pandemic changed the way we view the world and get things done. It was a 180-degree change from how things used to be and how they became. As a result, we all were compelled to move forward quickly and adapt to the new normal.

Education was one of those sectors which had been most affected during that time. The rapid digitization of the Indian education system made us go beyond our horizons and venture into the world of full-fledged online learning. The system has made much progress since then, and the government is also taking measures to pave the way to recognize online higher education degrees.

This opened a lot of opportunities for the businesses dealing in this domain to explore and make the best use of this chance. Moreover, people have also been interested in studying online degrees courses, thus proving that the industry has a bright future ahead.

One of our clients, an online learning brand, was able to gain several valuable insights with our help regarding the assessment of opportunities in the Indian higher education market for them. As a result, they were also able to enter the market in the year 2019 successfully.

Some of the key areas covered in the report are:

  1. Enhancement of online higher education
  2. Market potential for entry
  3. Preference of students between online training modules
  4. Demand drivers for online learning

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