Brand Perception, Pricing, and Positioning Mapping for Baby Products

Demand for baby diapers is expanding steadily in India as they offer several benefits such as convenience, increased hygiene, and a low risk of skin damage in babies. Due to this high rise in demand the diaper market in India is growing with a CAGR of approximately 20%.*

This market has witnessed innovation at its best, from new designs to feasible easy to wear and remove diapers and fast and more absorbing, soft variant brands are leaving no stone unturned to provide the best to the customers and gain a competitive edge over others.

Although what brands need to know is, this market is price sensitive.  Though parents want the best products for their babies, they also want to ensure value for money.

Through this case study, you will see how Velocity MR conducted Brand Perception, Pricing, and Positioning Mapping research for the brand to impart powerful insights to them on price sensitivity, price willingness to pay a premium for diapers with additional features.

All you need to do is, fill the form and download the case study and explore the insights, which will benefit your brand. 

*as per recent a report.

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