Brand reputation among Existing & Potential employees of Fortune 10 IT services provider

A brand’s reputation is built by its product and services externally and internally by the employer and employees. Under no circumstances a brand would ever risk its reputation.

A satisfied employee is an asset to the company and employers are working relentlessly to build transparent and authentic relations with its workforce. Brand's are aiming to achieve an authentic employer brand reputation among its existing and potential employees.

Some reasons why it is important to analyze the brand reputation among potential and current employees

  1. Gain the trust of the employees
  2. Gauge their loyalty 
  3. Build positive perceptions

With this case study you will discover:

  1. Corporate/Brand reputation as an employer
  2. Current perceptions of the client among Existing employees & Potential employees (in the IT sector) in terms of Strengths, Satisfaction parameters & Job parameters
  3. Key drivers of motivation towards working for client brand

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