Campaign Evaluation Study for a Telecom Service Provider

There is no denying that marketing plays a huge role in achieving business objectives. Every brand puts a lot of effort into forming interesting marketing strategies and launching effective campaigns to bring their values and services to the customers.

After the launch comes one of the most important parts of the process analyzing these marketing campaigns. It is absolutely necessary and works especially well when the brand is trying to launch a new service/concept. It helps them better understand customers' perceptions and reactions to their product/idea. It also helps strengthen the impact of their campaigns and influence future strategies.

It is vital for any brand to get its message delivered clearly through its campaign for it to work effectively. This study evaluates the marketing strategy of the two newly launched concepts of the client brand and analyzes the customers' response to it.

In this study, we cover the following areas:

  1. Concept evaluation
  2. Customer response towards the concepts
  3. Suggestions to the client for improvement

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