Usage Pattern & Perception Study

Facial wipes / wet wipes have revolutionized the beauty industry by deep cleaning the skin to clear the dirt or remove excess oil or makeup from the face. These wipes are now being offered by numerous brands ranging from affordable to luxury price points.

The demand for facial wipes has continued to grow, especially due to the rising disposable incomes and boosting consumer spending power. It has enabled the consumers to use just convenient products that were once considered non-essential.

These wipes are exceptionally popular amongst the youngsters who look for skincare benefits from them. Thus, before launching into the market, a brand must possess a good understanding of the user experience with the wipes as it is imperative to gauge the usage pattern and perceptions of the customers.

This case study will see how a brand assessed its product and market before launching a new product.

  • Understand the usage of facial wipes by regular make-up users

  • Evaluate new facial wipes on

  1. Performance attributes such as effectiveness in removal of make-up, cleansing, gentle on skin, etc.,

  2. Product attributes include finding the texture of the facial wipes, smoothness, softness, absorbency, etc.

  • Understanding the preference of new facial wipes for removal of normal make-up/waterproof make-up

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