Consumer Behavior Towards Fashion Brands Online

Over the last few years the internet has changed the way we buy and sell goods and services. It has pushed us forward towards a future that is convenient, comfortable, and efficient in many ways. Businesses have acknowledged its purpose and meaning, and utilize it to reap the benefits to the maximum. The e-commerce sector has had unprecedented growth over the years, especially in the last four to five years. The adoption of technology has enabled e-commerce to be more reachable and efficient. Devices like smartphones and tablets coupled with technologies like 3G, 4G and WiFi have played a significant role in increasing the number of online shoppers every day.

While e-commerce in India is growing exponentially, it faces several challenges like customer mindset, high cash on delivery based orders, reachability, poor courier services and other policy-related issues. Keeping all these challenges in mind, e-commerce brands need to make sure that their online consumers are happy and maintain their reputation throughout their business years.

Here's a case study where we study the salience of a brand as well as consumer usage and consideration of fashion brands while shopping online. Conducted in major metro and tier 2 cities in India with a sample size of 2,218 respondents, we uncover the brand's overall presence and awareness among its consumers.
Some of the areas we cover in the study are:

  1. Overall awareness of the brand among its competitors
  2. Consumer behavior towards the brand
  3. Overall image endorsement
  4. Barrier analysis of the brand

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