Assessing the Brand Saliency and Usage for E-Pharmacy

With the world evolving and adapting to the emerging trends, the Pharmaceutical market too started to evolve slowly. By merging digital and pharmacy together, we now have e-pharmacy, an online drugstore that delivers medicines to your doorsteps. While the conventional 'brick and mortar' pharmaceutical stores are still preferred by older generations, e-pharmacy is slowly taking the center stage to reduce the need gap of the market. These platforms have increased the convenience of the consumers resulting in a rise in demand for this model across the world. In spite of being at its nascent stage, it is slowly gaining momentum in India.

Here is a study that was conducted on behalf of a client who wanted to assess their brand salience, and usage of e-pharmacies in India. According to the study, over 76% of the respondents said they buy medicines online every 6 months.

In this study, we cover crucial areas such as

  1. Online medicine consumer purchase behavior
  2. Importance Vs Performance of an e-pharmacy brand
  3. Awareness, purchase & consideration of online medicine

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