Gauging customer satisfaction levels, needs, expectations, and assessing the feedback

The leisure industry is the segment of business that focuses on recreation, entertainment, sport, tourism, and products and services related to them.

With urbanization and amplifying disposable income and lifestyle changes have transformed the metro cities into a hub of malls and shopping centers where one can find everything under one roof.

The leisure zone is more than just a shopping destination it has evolved into entertainment centers with options for cinema, food, game, amusement area, activities, and events. These zones act as a setting to rejuvenate, socialize and entertain.

Given the competition levels in this market, a leisure zone needs to offer a variety of games, rides, and activities for a wholesome experience. Therefore, it is important to understand what customers' desire from such a destination and their satisfaction levels on a host of aspects including the games and rides, pricing, redemption rewards, and customer service.

In this case study, you will know how the client brand

  • Gauges levels of customer satisfaction for client's brand (at 9 different outlets)
  • Tracks, monitors, and compares annual customer satisfaction levels to the benchmark conducted last year
  • Assess key areas of concern and improvement

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