Gauging of Indian Higher Education Market Opportunities

The pandemic brought a massive wave of digitalization with itself for every sector that we could think of. Even the education sector in India, where the online system was in the early stages of setting its foot, got swept away in this wave.

This sector got hit hard by the need and trend of virtual learning systems for all levels of education. Online courses, specifically, gained momentum during this time. Since then, the online education system in India has been evolving and progressing towards a more innovative and interesting path in order to impart better learning. However, both students and parents have been wary of opting for higher education because of the uncertainties revolving around it. The industry advancement and the governmental digital initiatives have been helping build trust as more and more students are considering going for online courses.

One of our clients, whom we helped with our insights, wanted to enter the e-learning market with an online university across Indian cities. During our study, we observed mixed opinions for formal higher education as respondents were uncertain of these certifications being approved by the Govt. of India.

In this study, we cover crucial areas such as:

  1. Opportunities in the Indian higher education market
  2. Internet usage and its impact on higher education
  3. Awareness and perceptions for digital/online higher education

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