Gauging the response to a new SUV prototype

In 2020, India was the fifth-largest auto market, with ~3.49 million units combined sold in the passenger and commercial vehicles categories. It was the seventh-largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles in 2019.*

An SUV is a combination of elements of road-going passenger cars with features from off-road vehicles.

These are recognized as spacious, family cars suitable for the everyday hustle and long drives or road trips within or out of the city for leisure or purpose. SUVs serve the segment of car fanatics who are looking for luxury and modern features along with comfort and look. The Automobile industry is packed with innovation as new models are expected to be launched every year from brands.

For any player, before launching a new model, it is important to gauge response to the prototype in terms of its ergonomics, interior and exterior design, spaciousness, safety features, entertainment options, and others. Here's where Velocity MR came to the rescue with our new-age, tech-driven solution called  Vehicle Clinic Study.

With this Case Study, we will know how Velocity MR successfully

helped the brand carry off the following objectives:

  1. Brand and product study

  2. Evaluate the model's acceptance within its category

  3. Gauge strengths and weaknesses

  4. Assess response to the pricing

  5. Measure existing brand equity

  6. Consumer Expectation, experience, and response.

  7. Better understand consumers' empathy with the brand

  8. Profile of potential buyers/users of the new model

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*as per a recent research

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