Ad Testing

Ad testing is a research process that aims at understanding an ad's effectiveness, based on the consumers' feedback, responses and behaviour.

The advertising landscape scenario has evolved dramatically in response to the rapidly changing consumer trends. In this world where everybody is going digital, for an ad creator, it becomes important to understand his digital audience to make their ad reach them. Creation of ads involved heavy investments and that become a cause of worry unless the ad speaks to its audience and impacts them enough to make conversions. Every year, marketers invest billions of dollars in new ads to promote products and/or services to their audience. This makes the creation of ads quite expensive and its cost has to match with ROI accordingly. An ad is only as successful as the reach it gets from its targeted audience. In a world where everybody is swamped with new information every other minute, noticing an ad that catches their attention is quite low. And hence it becomes imperative for an ad to fulfil certain important criteria before rolling it out onto the mass media.

This fact sheet covers the methods of running a successful ad amongst the others that are lost in the clutter.

In this fact sheet, we cover;

  • Introduction to Ad-testing
  • Various measures in running a successful ad in this data-driven world
  • Case study snapshot

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