Edutech in India: Benefits, Growth and Opportunities

Living in the world of technology, we tend to depend on it every single day to make our lives convenient and easy. So when education meets technology – we get the comfort of learning from any corner of the world while not missing out on the quality of the materials provided by the institution we opt to study at. If this doesn't sound any better, E-learning can also go easy on the pockets as the online courses are significantly cheaper compared to the traditional classroom courses.


India has the world's largest population under the age of 25 and will have the second-largest graduate talent pipeline by the end of the year 2020. Just like in other sectors of the economy, the education sector in India offers serious potential for technology and disruption in the country. With the government of India promoting digital India aggressively and launching programs such as 'Digital India' and 'Skill India' along with other notable initiatives, the literacy is growing steadily with the advent of digital life in the country.


Velocity MR, acknowledging the surging trend of Edtech in India, conducted various studies on e-learning and has prepared a detailed factsheet on where e-learning as a market stand in India, its growth along with the opportunities for the market to grow in India.

In this fact sheet, we cover;

  • E-learning market in India
  • What is E-learning and Why do we need it
  • Growth of the market in India
  • Key Growth Drivers of the E-learning market
  • Key Categories of Online Education
  • Comparison between Classroom learning and E-learning
  • Key Players that provide,
    • K-12 Education Online
    • Exam/Test Preparation Materials Online
    • Re-skilling and Online Certifications
    • Tech Education
    • Networking, Information search & communication portals
  • Awareness of Major Players in India
  • Challenges and Opportunities in the E-learning market
  • E-learning – Existing Models
  • Comparison between traditional and Velocity approach

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