Fashion – a world where volatility has no limits

Fashion has gone through a drastic transformation from the date of an ancient civilization where simple clothes were adorned with jewelry to an age where fashion is so volatile and capricious that what we wore a week ago is called 'So last season' by millennials today. This age also marks as the emergence of numerous brands and their adoption of the most popular medium – internet. Online fashion portals have been exploding with popularity among shoppers who are always on a look out for the latest fashion trends and current fashion ideas at a cost-effective price.
Velocity MR, acknowledging fashion online portals' boosting popularity in the country, conducted various studies on online fashion portals in India and has come to a better understanding of where the fashion and its trade stand in this cut-throat competitive world. From north to south, east to west, Indian fashion with a strong cultural lineage is diverse and vast to understand. Here are some of the aspects we cover in this fact sheet:

In this fact sheet, we cover;

  • An overview of the fashion industry in India
  • Evolution of fashion, along with its global landscape
  • The fashion industry in India
  • Growth levers for Indian branded fashion market
  • Current trends of fashion E-tail in India
  • Challenges for Indian branded fashion market
  • Key players
  • Comparison between traditional and Velocity approach

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