Men’s grooming market in India: Evolution, Drivers, Messaging, Key Players and Trends.

The current decade witnessed smashing the stereotypes of society from all corners of the globe. From rising feminism to the acceptance of LGBTQ rights, the millenniums are seeing it all.

Many conversations have been made off-lately about beauty trends, standards, and practices; this subject may be cliche for women but men, it’s been uncommon. Not anymore though, the men’s grooming industry has grown leaps and bounds in the past few years. Men are no longer reckless about their looks and are actively looking for products to solve their hair, skin, and grooming needs.

It sure has taken some time for society to realize that grooming for men is a necessity, and there is no masculinity in being untidy with poor hair and skin state. Better late than never, men’s inclination towards a well-groomed, sharp, and attractive look is rising, which is allowing the entry of more brands in the market to serve the purpose.

The numbers won’t lie; the men’s grooming industry in India has valued at INR 140.50 Bn in 2018 and is expected to reach INR 319.82 Bn by 2024*.

Now men’s grooming products go beyond shaving creams and after-shaves. Who would have thought 10 years ago that men would use makeup, face washes, and serums as a part of their daily routine? In fact, it has been hard to imagine having a daily skin or hair care routine for men.

Men belonging to the 25-45 age group are spending extensive time and money on grooming than women do. On average, a man spends 42-45 mins of his day every day on grooming which is up to 60 mins for men in metropolitan cities in India.

This ascent has opened realms of business opportunities for brands and investors, owing to which Velocity MR is determined to touch upon this category in the market to acknowledge the surging trend in India on men’s grooming with our new-age, tech-driven impactful insights.

 This factsheet is curated to help readers understand more about this sector, the numerous opportunities, competitions, trends, and the future of the market.

Our tech-enabled research approach adds precision to the insights and analysis, thereby decreasing the cost, timeline, and LOI by 20-50%.

In this factsheet, we have covered:

  1. Men’s grooming market of India
  2. Complete Understanding of the category
  3. Evolution- the rise of men’s grooming products
  4. Current market situation
  5. Consumer needs of past, present, and future
  6. Drivers of the market
  7. Brand messaging /Rising trends
  8. Key players
  9. Our experience
  10. Velocity MR’s approach and methodologies

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