Up Your Fintech Game!

Financial Technology, these days better known as 'fintech', is described as a business that aims at providing financial services by making use of software and modern technology. Though it seems like a recent advent of technology, Fintech existed among us for over half a century. But with the new advents such as Mobile Wallets, Payments apps, Point of Sales (POS) machines, it became prominently known in the 21st century.

Velocity MR, acknowledging its presence in this vast data-driven world, has conducted numerous studies for Fintech and associated companies. Our tech-enabled processes add precision to the analysis and decrease the cost & timelines in the journey towards transformational insights for our clients.

In this mobile world, where consumers change their patronage in no-time, making businesses to tweak/change strategies overnight, there is nothing more important than time! Our tech-enabled processes save 30-40% of your time thus giving you more power. Not just time, we also bring in a sharp decrease in your cost up to the tunes of around 40-50%.

Fintech is a term with a vast definition, so to make it simpler here are some of the aspects we cover in this fact sheet:

  • Evolution of Fintech, along with its global landscape
  • Indian growth story
  • Challenges
  • Key players
  • Comparison between traditional and Velocity approach
  • Velocity Mantra for success

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