Usage and Attitude Syndicated Study on Men’s Grooming Sector 2021

Is your brand getting a pie in 42 minutes that consumers dedicate every day to personal grooming? How well have you understood the men’s grooming market in India and its untapped market opportunities? Have you assessed the demographic & psychographic profile of your target audience?

Well, if you’re unsure or not aware, be prepared to be alienated from a category that is expected to be valued at INR 319 bn by 2024!

Get to know all the insights your brand needs to gain more consumers & outsmart competition through the “Usage & Attitude Syndicated Study on Men’s grooming sector”.

This study is curated to help your brand gain actionable insights to understand more about this sector, your consumers, media mix, ad effectiveness, brand perceptions, the numerous opportunities, competitions, trends, and the market’s future.

As a brand, would you like to,

  • Understand your market?
  • Identify untapped market opportunities?
  • Assess your customer’s demographic & psychographic profile?
  • Retain customer engagement & brand loyalty?
  • Assess positive perceptions and negative perceptions over which your competitor brand is chosen?
  • Assess misattributions towards the brand and re-shape the same?
  • Understand what do consumers think of the brand’s customer care service?
  • How satisfied are the customers with your product?
  • Gauge the effectiveness of your advertisement on the brand’s KPIs?
  • Assess the key message received by the viewers?
  • Evaluate the media mix of the campaign?
  • Check if the Ad is reaching out to the right audience?
  • Evaluate your product on its attributes and performance?
  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of your product?
  • Assess the product performance gaps?

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