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Assessing customers’ awareness level on counterfeit products

In an era where brick and mortar stores are seen as ...

Understanding the customers’ shopping habits on Diwali

Diwali is one of those auspicious festivals that is celebrated with ...

Evaluation of online shopping habits in India

One of the favorite hobbies that is really popular among younger ...

To evaluate the fitness level of customers in India

As we get on with our busy life, the focus on ...

To evaluate brand salience of furniture renting industry in India

Right upon reaching home from a very long tiring day, the ...

Assessing customer’s perception on electric cars in India

Electric Cars, obviously are not conventional cars that we see in ...

Customers’ perception on the ban of plastic and its usage

Usage of Plastic is one of the primary reasons for environmental ...

Unearthing the necessities of bio medical waste management in India

It is with great pleasure we contribute in bringing in insights ...

Assessing customers’ awareness and impact of online data breach

In a world where everything you know, everything you want to ...

Evaluation of RTE food consumption in India

Heat & Eat or rather Ready to Eat (RTE) food is ...

To understand the adoption of yoga in consumers’ life

Derived from the Sanskrit word ‘yuj’ which mean ‘to unite or ...

Evaluation of banking customer segmentation in India

Online banking or internet banking is a payment system that allows ...
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