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Awareness and perception of AIDS Day in India

By Admin · December 26, 2018

Since 1988, 1st of December every year, we dedicate the day to raise awareness of one the incurable disease, AIDS and commemorate for those who met their demise due to it. Being one of the diseases that can either prolong your life for a short while or shorten it depending on how the disease has progressed, AIDS is something that the population needs to be aware of and show support to those who are affected by it. A study by Velocity MR says that almost 90 percent of the individuals have the basic knowledge of AIDS and how it is caused, which shows that the country is acknowledging the disease and are ready to support those who are infected by it.


Some of the key findings we cover in this report are:

  1. Total awareness of the AIDS
  2. Perception of AIDS
  3. Measure to be taken on the prevention of AIDS
  4. Total awareness of STDs
  5. Importance of HIV tests & sex education in schools and colleges
  6. Initiatives that needs to be taken to teach children about sex education & AIDS

To understand the awareness of AIDS among people, the measures taken to prevent it and et all, download the report on AIDS Day now.

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