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Assessing customers’ awareness and impact of online data breach

By Admin · July 16, 2018

In a world where everything you know, everything you want to know is on the internet, you should also expect few risks that the World Wide Web holds. Social media, though it promises tight security over the data that we feed into it, it still is not bulletproof. Data security is one of the most probing issues that internet users have been facing since the time the internet emerged. The fear escalated when the incident involving now known as, an infamous political consulting firm, came into the light and the people's view on data security standards sunk lower than Titanic. Data security breach is not an issue that can be taken lightly nor ignored. Internet users have to be aware of the data security risks that social media can pose if they don't tread cautiously on the internet.

Armed with that thought Velocity MR set out to understand the awareness about the Online Data Security as well as the impact it has had on internet users due to the incident involving a social media giant's data breach.

This study report contains:
a. The awareness level of internet users on data security risks
b. Users view on social media sites
c. Impact of the incident involving a social media giant and a consulting firm has had on internet users
d. Concerns regarding government programme, Aadhaar data security

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