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Customers’ perception on the ban of plastic and its usage

By Admin · August 7, 2018

Usage of Plastic is one of the primary reasons for environmental pollution in India. Though people are aware of the harm plastic has caused and can still cause, it is still highly used by many and by many I mean over 80% of the population. Plastic has been heavily used for everyday chores and greatly depended upon for commercial use. It is because of their pros that it's still in use by the majority of the population. The ban on plastic is going have a drastic effect on the economy but when we look at it carefully, if we do not take care of the planet, what good is economy going to do to us? India is looking into the alternatives for plastic, but with the high demand for it, it is not going to be an easy task. And the effect of the plastic also adversely affect the fauna and flora that live in the surroundings as well. With one of the most important earth’s shields depleting, our days on this planet can soon be numbered if the issue is not taken into serious consideration and handled carefully. The ban on plastic yet to have a significant impact, maybe a baby step towards saving the planet.

Velocity MR conducted a study on the Plastic Usage, to understand the awareness level and perception of the customers on its ban in the country.

Some of the key findings we cover in this report are:
a. Customers' usage of plastic bags on a day to day basis
b. Customers' awareness on the ban of plastic bags
c. Acceptance and negligence of plastic bag users
d. Difficulties faced due to the ban on plastic bags

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