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To evaluate brand salience of furniture renting industry in India

By Admin · August 8, 2018

Right upon reaching home from a very long tiring day, the thing that most people rely on to relax is, furniture. A sofa, a recliner or even a rocking chair after a heavy day at work, comforts one even if it is just for a while. So, furniture is a comfort that many are willing to pay for and why not? It lasts long too. But this kind of comfort is not appealing to everyone. We are talking about those who are not big on owning pricey furniture and those who move often from one place to another. Instead of purchasing, they rather rent it as they won't be using it for long.

Renting furniture also has the perk of frequently owning different pieces of furniture for a short while. That is like every home decor enthusiasts dream come true. Furniture renting industry, though fairly new, is a fast moving segment and is already quite popular among those who are really like into home decors and like having attractive furniture at home. It makes it more practical to own assets temporarily when you are bound to move frequently and also give variety of options for those who often like having different sets of furniture.
Velocity MR set out to understand the brand salience of furniture renting industry in India.

Some of the key findings we cover in this report are:
a. Brand salience in furniture renting industry
b. Application of rented furniture
c. Duration and reasons for renting furniture
d. Consumers' expectations from furniture renting companies

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