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Consumers’ Experience towards Online Food Ordering Apps in India

By Admin · November 18, 2020

We live in a hyper-tech powered age, where everything and everyone we know is online. That includes the food industry. Food delivery services came into the picture when a Berlin based company started its mobile food delivering services across Asia. From there we saw the birth of various other food delivery apps across the globe. The adequate funding and investments in this market space has enabled the companies to provide food delivery services. Riding on the wave of rapid digitization and consumption, the food tech has grown over six times in the last couple of years. Peer or community advocacy played a critical role in drawing consumers to attempt online meal ordering for the first time and advertisements as a robust driving force in increasing the number of online food consumers in India. Food delivery services became especially popular among young consumers who have a bustling lifestyle with less to no time spared on cooking their meals. While food tech has been well accepted in society it still faces challenges pertaining to packaging, food handling, delivery time and so on.

With an aim to understand the consumers' experience and opinions towards food delivery services, Velocity MR undertook a study with a sample size of over 2,400 respondents across major metro as well as other non-metropolitan cities in India.

Here are some of the key areas we cover in the study:

  • Mode and frequency of ordering food online
  • Frequency and triggers for ordering food online
  • Barriers to consumers ordering food online
  • Weekly expenditure on ordering food online
  • Usage and preference of food ordering apps/websites
  • Most preferred food ordering apps

To know more about the consumers' experience and opinions towards online food ordering in India, please download the report.

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