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Assessing customers’ awareness level on counterfeit products

By Admin · August 8, 2018

In an era where brick and mortar stores are seen as a second option, e-commerce portals just wipe the floor with their options of conveniences. The number of visits an e-commerce platform has compared to its physical counterpart is massive as most shoppers like to take advantage of ordering on the go. Shopping online saves time, and the products are competitively priced, with variety of options. While everything does seem to be easy and smooth, shoppers need to be wary of fraudulent acts that is plausible from the sellers side. Receiving counterfeit products is not really a news, it has been happening from the time people started to notice the advantage of selling online. Shoppers when they shop, they only see what is shown to them. Hence when they receive the product, sometimes it's different from what they ordered. In spite of these activities, e-commerce has still not lost its foot in the market by slightest, though some of the e-commerce has promised to take better care of their customers.

Velocity MR, conducted a study to understand the awareness level of shoppers on the counterfeit products as well as their frequent visits to the online stores.

Some of the key findings we cover in this report are:

a. Customers' awareness of online portals
b. Customers' frequency of visiting online portals in 6 months
c. Assessing category purchase of customers
d. Assessing customers experience across online portals
e. Frequency of receiving counterfeit products
f. Methods of identifying counterfeit products by customers

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