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Concerns and viewpoints of #MeToo movement in India

By Admin · December 26, 2018

In 2006, when an American social activist began using the phrase 'Me Too' to raise awareness of the pervasiveness of sexual abuse and assault in the society, it did not culminate much attention as it should have. But ultimately, the phrase once again surfaced and was much popularized by an American actress, making the internet explode various stories of numerous victims. Sexual abuse and assault have been seen commonly in places of work and more commonly in the entertainment industry. Thanks to the movement, society and numerous workplaces have had a sense of the magnitude of the problem and are more cautious than before. A study by Velocity MR says that the movement has highly impacted about 80% of individuals at formal workplaces in India.


Some of the key findings we cover in this report are:

1. Total awareness of the movement in India
2. Impact on workplace interactions
3. Impact of the movement on men
4. Untimely reporting of the #MeToo incidents
5. Safety of working in various industries in the wake of #MeToo
6. Impact of #MeToo at homes

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