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Evaluation of online shopping habits in India

By Admin · August 8, 2018

One of the favorite hobbies that is really popular among younger generation is shopping. Some say it takes off the stress and some just use it as an excuse to revamp their wardrobe. In the end, they just need to shop. Things have however changed. Time is a luxury that many do not have anymore. Finding time to shop at an offline store is more like a thing of the past now. While many still do like shopping at the actual store, with the time crunch they tend to resort to the options that is more readily available at the end of their fingertips. Shopping online, gives shoppers the comfort of sitting wherever they want and shop at any time according to their convenience. Shopping would have probably taken a back seat if online shopping trend had not been introduced. Online shopping, offers high level of convenience, broader selection, competitive pricing and greater access to information on the products/services. With these advantages, shopping becomes easier and more convenient when it comes to time and are easy on the pockets as well.
Velocity MR conducted a study on Online Shopping Habits to understand the usage behaviour and customer experience on shopping online.

Some of the key findings we cover in this report are:
a. Understanding the usage behaviour of the online fashion shoppers
b. Assessing the experiences of the online shopping fashion brands
c. Profiling the consumers

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