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Perception and Awareness of FIFA in India

By Admin · July 12, 2018

In India, while Cricket is considered a religion – Football is almost like a way of life. The sport's fan base may not be as big as Cricket's but it’s popularity in the country is no joke. There was a time when football in India was highly celebrated. The Indian Football outfit was called the 'Brazilians of Asia'. According to a report by Velocity MR, about 77% of respondents are aware of the football world cup and 84% said that they will support or plan to watch their country play in the upcoming football matches.


Velocity MR conducted a study to understand the perception, awareness level of football among people across the cities.


Some of the key findings we cover in this report are:

  • Awareness of FIFA World Cup
  • Sources on the updates of FIFA World Cup
  • India's most favorite Teams
  • The World Dream XI likeability

Download our report to know more about the perception and awareness of the sport in the country.

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