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Evaluation of RTE food consumption in India

By Admin · July 16, 2018

Heat & Eat or rather Ready to Eat (RTE) food is basically, food that is sold for immediate consumption with minimum to no preparation of cooking. Since it's easy to prepare and eat, ready to eat products are popular among busy and outgoing younger generation.
With the rising employment opportunities, increase in number of working women, busy work schedules, declining culinary skills and ever changing lifestyle, it is hard for working professionals to cook in the traditional manner and still keep up with their busy life. Individuals start seeking for products that can be consumed on-the-go because of the hectic lifestyles they face and that is when they turn to ready to eat products. With the disposable income ready in hand, these easily available food are most preferred as they also taste much better when compared to home cooked food and then there is time saving factor as well. The rise in the demand for snacks and fried food has already made RTE food industry quite popular and has had growth exponentially in the food market.
Velocity MR set out to understand the consumer consumption behaviour of Ready to Eat products in India.

Some of the key findings we cover in this report are:
a. Consumer consumption of the heat & eat products
b. Frequency of their consumption
c. Factor that influence them to consume ready-to-eat products
d. Most popular ready-to-eat brands in India

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