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To evaluate the fitness level of customers in India

By Admin · August 8, 2018

As we get on with our busy life, the focus on health usually goes down a notch on our priority list. Constantly finding little to no time for exercise we tend to ignore the health issues that are just waiting around the corner. To overcome such challenges, we look for alternatives that can help us in keeping health in check while not compromising on our other day to day work. And that's when wearable activity trackers and devices as such come into the picture. With barely any time to spare, these wearable gadgets serve as a motivation to exercise and keep the wearer on their toes.
Velocity MR conducted a study on fitness apps to understand the fitness level of the customers as well as the motivational factors that influences them to exercise.

Some of the key findings we cover in this report are:
a. Attitude and motivation towards maintaining fitness
b. Frequency of exercising in a month
c. Usage of technology while doing an exercise
d. Explores Pain points of the users
e. Benefit received from the fitness gadgets

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