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To understand the adoption of yoga in consumers’ life

By Admin · July 16, 2018

Derived from the Sanskrit word 'yuj' which mean 'to unite or to integrate', yoga is an ancient art of body of knowledge. By art of body of knowledge, we mean art of exploring your body through various, mental, physical and spiritual practices. Yoga has been existing among us for a longest of the time. But back then it was mostly practiced by folks we call Yogis, and Buddhists. Through the years though, many benefits of this art form began getting the recognition from people as they become much more health conscious that they used to be.
Yoga by majority is viewed as an exercise that helps in losing weight and building flexibility. While it does help in losing weight as well as making our body flexible, it also affects the mental health positively. Not many are aware of the core benefits that yoga can offer. Even though finding time for Yoga or going to Yoga classes, can be difficult in today's hectic life, simple Yoga poses even at your work station can do wonders for the sore bodies that sits for hours at one place.

Velocity MR conducted a study to understand adoption of Yoga in people's life as the Yoga day approached.

Some of the key findings we cover in this report are:
a. Customers' preferences of exercises
b. Frequency of exercise routines
c. Factors that trigger to start practicing yoga
d. Customers' yoga practice preferences
e. Customers' perception on yoga

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