69 percent of users who buy health beauty products online enjoy cooking

According to the government of India's own estimates, India ranks 3rd worldwide for pharmaceutical production by volume and 13th by value. The country accounts for 30 percent by volume and about 10 percent by value in the US generics market. The user person – Epharmacy, provides insights on two broadly segmented of the users – Those who purchase medicines online once a month to those who purchase health and beauty products online more than once a month from e-pharmacies.

Few aspects that User Persona – Epharmacy emphasizes on are:

  • Demographic Profile

    Provides consumer insights that will help in targeting a specific type of users while understanding the consumers at an individual level.
  • Financial Profile

    Provides insights on various financial activities including savings/high earnings account, stock trading, investments in Mutual funds and payments on credit cards that an e-pharmacy shoppers performs frequently
  • Leisure, Travel and Technology

    Delves into the lifestyle of users, including their hobbies such as usage of internet on the mobile phone, Travel preference, TV viewership per week, and the frequency at which they travel internationally.
  • E-commerce Transactions in the past year

    Provides Insights on the frequency of the transactions made by the online shoppers on different –commerce portals, including Amazon, Flipkart, and Paytm.

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