Over 50% of user who are athletes prefer to travel by air

Even before any of us had heard of COVID-19, a growing number of consumers were already working out at home, training in front of their mirrors, running on a treadmill and/or trying out a new workout routine online. The shutdown of various fitness institutes was missed but it was easily replaced with online workouts on various platforms. Today, fitness enthusiasts incorporate special fitness routine along with a few tailor made diets to their regime. For any fitness institute, online/offline, understanding the behaviour and the lifestyle of these fitness and health enthusiasts can prove to be vital in increasing the growth of their business. The User Persona Series – Fitness, provides insights on these specific consumers, their behaviour and lifestyle in a detailed form.

Few aspects that User Persona – Fitness emphasizes on are:

  • Demographic Profile

    Provides consumer insights that will help in targeting a specific type of users while understanding the consumers at an individual level.
  • Financial Profile

    Provides insights on various financial activities including stock trading, investments in Mutual funds and real estate properties that a fitness and health enthusiast performs frequently.
  • Leisure, Travel and Technology

    Delves into the lifestyle of users, including their hobbies such as usage of internet on a mobile phone, Travel preference, TV viewership per week, and the frequency at which they travel internationally.
  • Preferences and frequency of watching Video streaming platforms

    Provides insights on the most preferred online video streaming platforms preferred by the health and fitness enthusiasts in the country.

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