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71 percent of leading OTT platforms subscribers are pet owners.

Video streaming apps across the country are having their moment in the sun, as the time spent on the internet during the lockdown increases significantly. But how long will they be able to create fresh content for the consumers born out of pandemic? It can be tricky to come up with something that viewers would consider to be worth watching for. Understanding consumers, their behavior, and daily activities can be helpful for creators who are looking for fresh ideas through which they can connect with the users and keep them engaged. User Persona on OTT Platform users, touches upon various aspects in a consumer's life, including the kind of household structure they follow and financial status that will play an important role in the usage frequency and subscription pattern of different apps.

Some of the aspects that User Persona of OTT platforms users emphasizes are:

  • Demographic Profile and household structure

    Provides consumer insights that will help in targeting a specific type of user while understanding the consumers at an individual level.
  • Financial Profile

    Provides insights on various financial activities including stock trading, investments in Mutual funds and real estate properties that an OTT Platforms user performs frequently.
  • Hobbies and Leisure Habits of the users

    Delves into the lifestyle of users, including their hobbies such as health/fitness, Travel plans, eating habits, and TV viewership.
  • Durables Owned, Travel and E-commerce

    Target consumers who own digital devices such as a smartphone, user travelling preferences and online shopping frequency.

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