About 80% of Indians travel at least 4 times a year

About 80% of Indians travel at least 4 times a year

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, people often forget that they could burn out from working too hard. As hectic as life is everybody needs a vacation once in a while to relax and rewind. With technology today, you can plan a vacation with a few clicks on your electronic gadget, more specifically your mobile. There’s no need to wait for special occasions to make a travel plan anymore. Holidays are no longer reserved for occasions such as festivals, birthdays or anniversaries. According to Velocity MR’s recent report, about 80% of people have taken up a minimum of four breaks in the past year and that the weekend getaways are especially on the rise lately.

Mobile apps, provide more than just the ease of planning a trip from wherever the user is. It gives you more options than other platforms do and moreover, you can customize the trip the way you want. One among the many apps that we see today, Paytm is the most used app among the Indians, according to Velocity MR’s report.

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