Market Research solutions for the Business to Business(B2B) market is a hot topic than ever before due to the rise in the competition this industry experiences.

It is significant that firms that conduct frequent research (at least quarterly) grow up to 70% faster and are almost 50% more profitable than firms that don’t. *

Just like any other industry the b2b market brands must understand the constant flux of the market, which is the only way b2b brands can keep on top of their game.  Staying up-to-date on the market’s dynamics and adjust the initiatives accordingly is what b2b brands should aim for.

Velocity MR has an edge as we thrive to give your brand real insights from B2B decision-makers in our panel to craft effective decisions for your business. We offer end-to-end research services across the globe to provide new-age, tech-driven impactful insights.

How can Velocity MR help?

  1. Discovering the competitors in the marketplace
  2. Uncovering the differentiators
  3. Finding your competitive advantage
  4. Consumer insights on usage, buying pattern, and expectations
  5. Unravelling the opportunities
  6. Adjusting the marketing strategies based on real-time insights
  7. Resolve weaknesses and setbacks
  8. Gauge emerging trends
  9. Benchmarking your brand
  10. Market Segmentation, positioning, and much more.

*as per a recent research

Cumulative Experience:

150+ Years

Clients Served:


Studies Completed:


Average Timelines:

1-2 Weeks

*In the last 12 months

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