Over time, the fashion industry has evolved unconditionally. This indeed is one of the most dynamic industries we have. It includes all aspects of fashion – clothes, shoes, bags, accessories. This market works on the principles of “here today, gone tomorrow”. The fashion industry encompasses a realm of markets from multi-national to small and niche ones.

Often people think of it as just retail/online stores, design houses and brands, and fashion magazines but this industry is immortal and wider than one can imagine.

Velocity MR’s market research approach for the fashion industry provides business owners and entrepreneurs with new-age, tech-driven valuable insights allowing them to make informed decisions and guide the development or evolution of their fashion business.

So if your fashion business is facing challenges or struggling to recover, Velocity MR’s insights can help you identify new areas of opportunity and growth.  Our capability lies in reaping the insights using various tools and solutions we have developed. The end goal is to impart sufficient information for your brand to thrive.

After working with leading fashion brands, we proudly offer 12+ solutions, 4+ tools, and several research methodologies to capture impactful insights for all your needs.

Cumulative Experience:

150+ Years

Clients Served:


Studies Completed:


Average Timelines:

2-3 Weeks

*In the last 12 months

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