Rajesh Bodke

Rajesh Bodke

A digital connoisseur, Rajesh brings eclectic perspectives to ways research is done and should be done in the future.  A co-founder and a veteran in new business development, key relationship management and setting up new teams, he brings a rich and varied experience of 18 years in International Business. He has worked with companies like AC Nielsen before taking the entrepreneurial stint.

His ability to prune processes to the most efficient ones makes him a standout leader with sharp business acumen: a visionary tech-research professional who is always muddled in innovative thoughts that the amalgamation of human brain and technology can bring in market research, and businesses. He has great experience in Knowledge Process Management too.

Rajesh loves mentoring the team and fueling the passion for learning by exploring new fields, opportunities, and ideas. He also likes to discuss methodologies, research implications, and innovative ideas. A business traveler, he is always seen in most of the international research conferences.

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