Velocity Insights Summit 2019

Annual Summit

Brands Insights 2019

The very first annual summit brought to you by Velocity MR, will bring forth the ideas, innovation, enhanced and productive high meeting with extremely respected individuals who are considered stars in their domain. Join us on this eventful evening where we announce the launch of a very important book that will benefit you as a brand.

Waiting for insights that can take your brand to the optimum level of success? Take part in our event, and unleash your curiosity with the best of the heads you will find in the marketing and branding world.

Insights Summit 2019

Insights Summit 2019, was first carved with an intention of providing one-of-a-kind insights that will convene unique thoughts and ideas to the brands which will help them in shaping up and give a definitive structure to their future strategies. This brain-teasing experience with some of the well-known personalities is bound to give marketers, brand managers and researchers thoughts to chew on, urging them to bring out their curiosity onto the table.

Why attend ‘Insights Summit 2019’?

Behind every vision, there is a story, a story powerful enough to become an existence to acknowledge. We help such stories become successful by bringing them the insights that will mould their future. This meeting will create an environment where every passionate individual can share and exchange their ideas and thoughts with some of the influential marketing leaders and gurus in the country.

Sneak Peek – IPL Brands Insights Book 2019

During this event, we will be launching one of the very important books that will change the way we look at marketing strategies to date. Our book, IPL Brands Insights Book 2019 will reveal some of the unique and mind-boggling insights that will definitely make some heads turn and rethink the way we strategize marketing plans today.

Hence be sure to make the best of this summit on 24th July, 2019!

This Summit is for

Innovators, marketers, senior marketers, digital executives, business leaders, branding manager, senior brand managers, researcher, consumer insights manager and anyone one else who operate in marketing, branding and research should attend this summit to learn and leverage marketing and branding throughout a massive opportunity like IPL.

This summit will be in interest to all the brands that plan to participate in IPL 2020 as well.

Programme Overview

Tuesday 24 July

Registration                             3 PM onwards
Welcome Note                         3.30 PM
Introduction to the Study      3.40 PM
Panel Discussion                     4:00 PM
Virtual Panel Discussion*     4.30 PM
Study Announcements          4.45 PM
I-BIB Launch                           5:00 PM
Closing Remarks                     5.10 PM
Media Briefing                         5.15 PM
High Tea & Networking         Till 6 PM

Having more than 22 years of experience in the Market Research Industry, Jasal Shah is an entrepreneur with a zeal to promote Marketing Research.

Jasal Shah


Velocity MR

Mr. Rajesh Bodke


Velocity MR

Vivek Wagle

Senior Associate Director,

Velocity MR

Advertiser or Sponsor?

Ever wondered why some brands in spite of investing heavily on advertisements do not garner oodles of brand awareness? Ever wondered why sponsors that spend every waking minute of their time and energy on IPL teams do not get good brand recall?

Many brands leap before they test the water, eager to explore and investigate the grounds of massive events such as IPL. This book will throw a precaution on what you should do and what you should not with meticulous analysis of data to back its reasoning. I-BIB, will be known to emphasize two of the unique insights that will change the way we market and advertise our brands to our target audience today.

Must know Insights

One of the insights that we call as ‘The mother of all insights’, will cast a new perspective on how impactful four important components – Viewership, City and National Appeal and Brand Recall can be on the overall performance of the brand. The other prominent insight, where we talk about the positioning of a brand over a player’s jersey will reveal the importance of its role and how if played right can get vast attention from the audience.

“IPL Brands Insights Book 2019”, curated by the best of minds will answer many critical questions, which will, in fact, help brands have a strong future in the field of marketing.

Join us as we celebrate the launch this very important book on 24th July, 2019 at WelcomHotel Bengaluru.

Date and Place


24th July, 2019


WelcomHotel Bengaluru, 46 Richmond Road, Bengaluru – 560025, Karnataka, India

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