Men’s Grooming

Announcing Usage & Attitude Syndicated Study on Men's Grooming Sector

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    How do we churn insights?


    Qualitative Module

    • Focus Group Discussions covering metros to unearth hidden metaphors 
    • Consumers representing two different life stages shall be involved (18-35 & 36-55)
    • COVID shouldn’t come in our way, so our new age Online Qualitative platform to be used

    Quantitative Survey

    • 14 cities to be covered, including metros & tier 2
    • Consumers from SEC A & B to be included (Age 18-55 years)
    • Consumers included being segmented as heavy, medium & light-based on usage

    What business problems does this study address?

    Information Areas Covered


    How will the research report look like?

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    Strategize to gain a major pie from this category, which is expected to be valued at INR 319 bn by 2024!

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    Get into the 42 minutes of your consumers

    Indian men spend an average of 42 minutes grooming each day. Settle your brand to gain a pie in 42 minutes that consumers dedicate every day on an average to personal grooming. Assess the demographic & psychographic profile of your target audience.

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