Advertising & Communication Research

Will your ad end up making the necessary impact? Is it tailored for the right audience? Can your communique cut the clutter in the market and establish your brand? We’ve addressed these questions, including many others before, and ended with a successful brand story.

Advertising & Communication Research
Tracking Studies

Tracking Studies

What is the ROI of my investment in marketing activities and campaigns? Was my promotion successful? Do consumers notice my brand on the shelf? Are my customers satisfied with the performance of my products? How did my brand perceptions change after my campaign launch and was it due to the communication?

Market Segmentation & Profiling

Where does my brand fit within the entire product category? What needs does it meet and what expectations does it fulfill? Are there any consumer segments who are distinctively closer to my brand than other consumers? What are their unique motivations for choosing my brand?

Market segmentation and Profiling
Usage and attitude studies

Usage & Attitude Studies

For any marketer, it is essential to have a primary understanding of the consumer in terms of his/her behavior and attitudes to the category as well as to its products and brands

Brand Perception Mapping

At some stage in a brand’s life cycle, gauging its brand perceptions and assessing its competitive strengths and weaknesses becomes imperative. For sustaining long-term growth, a brand needs to differentiate itself on key functional and emotional aspects.

Brand Perception Mapping
Concept & Product Testing

Concept & Product Testing

In the era of start-ups, a slew of ideas are brought up but how many of them would be patronized by the consumers? Will it be able to bring radical or even incremental innovation to the existing products or services? Or is the idea of going to address the latent needs of consumers? How do we validate all these?

Pricing Research

Consumers typically evaluate product quality, benefits and features with regard to its price. To be perceived as good value for money is a critical aspect for a brand’s success. Therefore, arriving at an optimum price is crucial.

Pricing research
Conjoint Analysis

Conjoint Analysis

A sophisticated technique which provides a simulator that can provide estimates of preference shares with different brand-product-benefit-feature-price combinations. Clients can change levels of attributes and benefits as well as pricing and gauge their impact on preference shares for its brand as well as key competition brands.

Customer Satisfaction/Loyalty

Customers’ satisfaction is the primary aim of every company, and hence it is imperative to focus precisely on its customers’ experiences and service them. The customer loyalty programs are an integral module of the organization having its strong link with overall satisfaction and retention.

Customer Satisfaction/Loyalty
Vehicle Clinic studies

Vehicle Clinic Studies

Vehicle clinics are invariably gaining popularity in the current market with lots of competitors moving aggressively with their products which certainly has to be tested before it rolls out in the market to avoid failure.

Qualitative Research

Exploring new areas, generating ideas, fine-tuning and improving positioning, gauging the spectrum of attributes, views, and opinions, understanding the range of response – these are just a few areas where qualitative research can be used effectively.

Qualitative research
Syndicated Offerings

Syndicated Offerings

Velocity MR has taken continuous initiatives to engage consumers and understand them through regular interactions. One of our aims is to deliver cost-effective research solutions to clients through syndicated products and reports.

Disclaimer: Effective April 1, 2024, Velocity MR (VMR) is fully merged with its parent brand, Markelytics, and all VMR offerings will now be delivered under the Markelytics brand.

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