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The impact of digital media on children today in India

By Admin · December 26, 2018

Children are the future of our country, and yet because of the bustling lifestyle, they are neglected and are in much need of appreciation. Our esteemed prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, was someone who regardless of class or caste loved children and in return, he was loved by children as well. Before we established Children's Day on 14th of November, it was celebrated on the 20th of November worldwide. But acknowledging his affection for children, India unanimously decided to celebrate Children's Day on his birthday which is on November 14.

With the growing presence & usage of digital media, Children today are also getting used to digital media. A study by Velocity MR says that 50 percent of children of all ages watch TV online compared to watching it on the actual device. This shows that even children are shifting to digital medium as the days go by.


Some of the key findings we cover in this report are:

  1. The frequency of children viewing shows on TV
  2. The frequency of watching TV on the internet
  3. Overall usage of the internet
  4. Parents viewpoints on playing online games
  5. Parents viewpoints on general usage of the internet

To understand the impact of digital media on children today in India, download our report on Children's Day now.

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