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Awareness and viewpoints of the No Shave Movember in India

By Admin · December 26, 2018

Every year in November, men around the world forgo shaving and grooming to evoke a conversation and raise cancer awareness. This special cause though in its nascent phase in India, has made its impact on many young and old blood. A study by Velocity MR says that over 60 percent of the Indians are aware of both movements, No Shave November and Movember. This shows that the awareness of the movements has indeed been reaching many individuals, making much awareness of the incurable disease that is AIDS.


Some of the key findings we cover in this report are:

  1. Total awareness of movement in India
  2. People awareness of the cause of the movement's initiation
  3. Triggers for participating in the movement
  4. Barriers for participating in the movement
  5. People perception of the movement
  6. Grooming products used on normal days vs No shave November days
  7. Brands used for beard and mustache grooming

To understand the awareness and viewpoints of the No Shave November/Movember, download our report now.

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